From Milesian and Ionian school we say HI

Following the first series of pre socratic philosophers, we embarq today in the second one on line. This guy is also from Miletus, who was a student from the dear friend Tales.

We really don’t know much of this gent either, more than his students or imaginary followers left behind. His main interest was around the origins of the universe.

Now, for your info, let me just tell you we are speaking here around 610-546 BC, long bloody time ago. What we know was that REASON was used to explain and base things rather than goods or deities

I have hard time imagining how these guys were doing to track the stars and this one was concern about the origins of everything. Strong boy!

To what purpose should i trouble myself in searching out the secrets of the stars having death or slavery continually before my eyes?

Have we changed anything since then? A lot. In both ways, for good and bad.

Slavery is still practicing, from Bangladesh to Africa, things still sucks.

Since the only thing i can do against slavery, is being aware from where i get my goods, then support some special forces who will enter these countries and kill the bad guys. And i will anyway, keep looking up to search the secrets of the stars…But that’s me, not Anaximander

The art of living happily is to live in present.


The only existing thing is the NOW

Is anybody out there arguing this one? If you do, pls be sure to live a note because i refuse to use my time for this. I have that lesson long ago, and i strongly recommend you take that one fast.

It would be so good to apply this just to simple family matters…

Do you know what i mean? Never been in those family gatherings where some start with ‘ in 1975 i gave you a deodorant, and you never returned that to me’ and from here the hell unleashes. For the next 3 hours people will insult in different ways one another. Some are very practical with the classical piece of shit you mother fucjer, others wil choose the more vil, hurting way of touching the weakest point of the people. The menu is very wide, but the objective is the same. We are not living NOW, we are , yet again, bringing the past which is dead and gone, alive like if it was yesterday…

Choose rather to be strong of soul than strong of body

Another classic. The truth is that we see more gyms than thinking centers…or more products to develop the body , than to develop the soul.

Try to follow, Pythagoras said this on 500 BC around. This is so valid today as it was then…Hence, the only thing that from the past we need is the wisdom that some guys had given us. But i know, far better and more cool to spend time on the play store than to think around this things. After all, only few and ugly guys they know that the only way to bed at the end is the extensive use of the brain


Train it to get laid


Be silent or say something better than silence.

Saying nothing says a lot. Talking when having no idea of the subject is dangerous. Opening the mouth when mood is down or aggressive is not a good idea either. Hence the proverb silence is gold

Jumping a bit i can mention another good friend,

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato