Widening horizons might affect you well

Hello amigo,

Here comes a list of many of the podcast that i love to listen, ear, understand when possible and incorporate it into my way of living

It is not always easy, but it is worth a try. The struggle will eventually bear the fruit.

By three methods we may learn wisdom : First , by reflection , which is noblest ; Second , by imitation , which is easiest ; and third by experience , which is the bitterest


Have a little film about him here


Difficult really to put a number into them, so i start randomly.  The numeral structure has nothing to do with what is best or not, is just that im lazy to think in a specific order. Any of these Youtubes / Podcast are very well worth looking upon. Subjects goes from History to Science, Occultism, Philosophy Religion, Politics, Economics, Nature, Ecology, Sex, Psychology, Stupidity, and many others

  1. Curious Minds. Here you will find every bloody possible thing, made in a form of a story telling…ideal when you are in the bus, driving , or simply in a discotheque and you realize the blonde in front of you is more retard than the classic blonde stereotype. One of my favs had been the story of the black pest, an episode to remember. Thanks Ron and team!