Om Mig og Norge

First things first. Im sorry, i don’t speak Norwegian. And im sorry again, i dont even live in Norway!

What is this?? i tell you EXACTLY dear visitor what’s going on.

Back in 1998 my friend Oliver and Me decided to heat the road in a small EU tour, departing from Germany. Equipped with a nice Audi A3, we take the night long trip straight to Copenhagen. Spend  the classic 2 days you need to really know that organize, well designed , neat and slightly romantic city and head to Sweden.  We arrive to Uddevalla. I remember the name of that city because in spanish sounds something like ‘You are going that way’…Crazy language, we thought!.

We spend the night and we look at the possibilities in front of us. Imagine, that time info was through books, no internet and we needed to use standard maps to find our way. Me and Oliver are both fan of nature, and when looking into ‘tour models’ based on 2 weeks time, the schedule normally looks like this

Day 1+2 Denmark, and very rare you move out of Copenhagen….

Day 3+4+5 Sweden.

Day 6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14 Norway

What does it mean to you? I dont know, you are free to think and do as you please, just remember you are not free of the consequences of your choices.

For us the message was clear:

There is no way to nature, Norway is the way.

so we did that, we decided faster that you can say Indiana Jones , cross the border, and keep our way to the fjords.

We knew we could camp anywhere , as far as you do it responsibly and if entering private property just ask. The weather was sucking enormously so our tent was quickly overwhelmed by amount of rainfall…so was either the car or this little houses called hytte.

All the way we were impress of the water, water, water, mountains, coastline…never ending. Guys im coming from Argentina, beautiful country as well, and our Patagonia its at the level of beauty as your middle north part.

The fjords…when you are driving your way up  you we were fighting who is driving. Its useless going to there if you need to drive…simple ain’t possible to look at thee view, which it always finds its way to push into your heart. And it does it heavily. That day, i understood that Norway and Me have something going on, a kind of idyllic romance where i got seduced by the stunning greens, blues, reds, whites, grays, ….an erotic type of dream for the senses…Norway has for real,  50 shades of gray . I had never thought gray would be a nice colour. In Norway is.

But the real sex started at the atlantic road. I could feel my heart pumping, the sound of the violent water hitting the bridges, the view of the birds struggling against the wind, the coastline appearing and going out again, again, and again.

The scent of the salty water, the ferocity of the rain…i could never imagine i would enjoy that. Then i knew. Im coming back here. I would never have enough of this wildness, NEVER.

Its at the same time a peaceful experience for me, to feel this turbulence, shaking my existence to the very bottom of my self. Sex become LOVE. That’s why dear reader a NO domain., if i’m not living in Norway at least will strive to have my heart  talking to the world from my ‘natural’ home, which if i could, would be latitude 68 North, Lofoten Islands.

Its hard to understand how things can be beautiful as they are up there. You need to experience it personally…like the meaning of happiness, love, purpose….you have to figure it out all by yourself. And trust me here,  in some way Norway can ‘turn on’ the GPS of your soul.

Its time to go home. Its where i had decide to build my nest.




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