Mission Statement / Life Codex & gelato balance. Chapter alpha

Hello there, how are you today? Meanwhile you think over the answer, which i remind you there is no RIGHT or WRONG, GOOD or BAD, there is ONLY IS. Can you simply imagine how easy would life be just accepting that path? And since im picky with words lately (last 3 years) be sure before you proceed reading, to have at hand a dictionary.

I use 3 of them

  1. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ Great companion. I use it non stop, so i can spot the slight details on the , as i called it , The contract signed with life. I don’t know your way around with it, but i hate the small letters. The thing is, LIFE as we know it, it’s full of this fucking little shit nuances that may look the same, WRONG, they are not, so i have learn to use the dictionary all the time, because life secrets hides exactly there, in the small , tiny flaming words. In this case, flaming it’s a synonym for fucking, but a little different,  more edible maybe for cultivated individuals, but since this is not a lecture on linguistics, take the damn dictionary to find the differences and lets move on!
  2. Yet another dictionary, but this one in spanish. Here you can find the difference between slaughter or annihilation, 2 nice things spaniards brought with them during the emptying of latin America. I mean, come fucking on! 12 October 1492 this nice  people call it the America discover!! Really, we say in spanish,  tienen la cara lavada con mierda,  which means they had clean their faces with shit and think on their selves that they are fresh as a nice lavender flower. Spain has never apologized for the atrocities and crimes committed, neither pay back all the gold they had stolen. But today i’m not developing a history lesson, so lets stick to the dictionary, which is called Diccionario de la lengua española
  3. Etymological dictionary, in order to understand the origin of the words. Its impressive what is possible to learn with one of these at hand. It will guide through historical times to the moment the words was invented!! Awesome thing to imagine some Greeks arguing in front of the oracle of Delphi about some words. Imagine, its like when we try to find the words…sometimes its very hard, but their were FORMULATING them!!!! Incredible these guys were once one of the most schooled people in the world, look at them today, the decadence of the EU, sad, very sad. A bit like Argentina, devastated by corruption, brutality, lack of empathy and zero respect.  I had find one of these dictionaries in spanish only. Used please by your own risk, you might like it a lot this endeavor of understanding words, hence your self talk and finally your life acts will have another twist. I have a lot of smart friends, some say that you become like the 5 people you are around, hence, i choose them carefully. One of them, Carlitos Jung, which like me, loves to walk in the forest and around water, once, meanwhile sharing a mate (look the number 3) he said to me, ‘Daniel, remember that you are what you do, not what you say you will do’. It really strike me, let me speechless because i could understand the nonsense of impossibility of the future defining who im….. And if that was not enough, Alfred Adler, another good fella, take a puff of his joint and adds, ‘Well say Carlitos, just let me put another pinch of chilly on it, and strike with, ‘ Intentions are to be seen in the results, the rest is bulshit’. I think a bit and i realize i could easily take a puff myself, but he was very egoist and killed it alone.  I understood him, if you see the people he deals with constantly, you gladly will feel for him,  experience humanity and let him do his thing.

Now, we can really start up with this post. I hate the wording mission statement. I’m not a bloody company selling any kind of products you don’t need. Face it, if you really look all the things you have…how many of those you NEED? Or WANT? Fine line, like life itself…

Anyhow, it is say by many smart people, including my dear Anima (have the etymological spanish version here, if you can read it i strongly recommend it!) that we humans must have a codex to guide and establish references for the way we behave with ourselves, others and the world. This gives you peace! LOTS of it. I dont know if you are aware how much inner peace is valuable to personal development as individuals, but if you have no idea, trust me, invest some time on this.

If after 44 years of trying the same bloody way and i couldn’t find any peace, was time for me to at least TRY. Didn’t have anything to lose, but i knew i needed to go all the way in order to be fair to the idea of  creating this CODEX, which at the very beginning looked to me poor stupidity and non sense. Then i realize, if you so many people , smart ones, with high credibility on my book of trust, insists on this retarded idea, i really needed to give it a shot.

The Anima (another definition here) in question suggested rope, but that word didn’t make any sense to me. I had to make it SEXY to myself, after all, if i don’t get horny with me, how could i possibly love what i do, and love others?? So i say to myself, next word pls, then i tried columns, were all my ‘ life foundations’ would be sustain. Gives me the vision of a firm structure were to base all my decisions…nice, but sexy??  Maybe for an Animus, (the man side of a woman) and here comes my primitive inner beast, columns might be associated with a nice, large, strong velvety dick! And a dick, unless it’s mine being used with different purposes, compared to a column, would make myself think that size matters…. I used to think so, today i get high in valuable conversations, so columns is to me today, too primitive. Codex sounds cool, and it has a superb antique background and a deeper meaning that the association between columns and my prick.

Once, in my long lasting walks through the woods (one day i will also tell how i started walking, it really deserves a complete story), standing in front of my very best friend, the Tree or like Forrest Gump used to say about Jenny, ‘My only friend’ , he says to me, if i would grant you any wishes, what it would be??

I look at the tree, my friend, and say. This would be difficult, i have only one shot and if all what i ask would be granted, i need to be very careful. Imagine you and  Aladdin with his little thing, asking you the same….What would you do?

And it come to me, in this was, my opportunity to start my CODEX, the bases on which i will create my path, guiding law, to forge a destiny of my own . It is me, and only me who has such responsibility. No body else.

I stand in front of the foundations and the meaning of my whole existence. Easy job eh??

tree kissing


gelato control
The sugar is KING. Remember the fat coefficient. Go left and divide , go right and multiply. A bloody physics clas….

The wishes was a challenge, and a mission. I i needed to find the answers. I give my friend some hugs and kisses, and left him to find my answers…..like the bloody gelato, either you control the sugars and fats on it or they will control you!

I will be back:)


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    1. De ada!!You see?? Serendipity…otherwise we would end eating all of it like maniacs!!
      Will be continued!!


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