From Milesian and Ionian school we say HI

Following the first series of pre socratic philosophers, we embarq today in the second one on line. This guy is also from Miletus, who was a student from the dear friend Tales.

We really don’t know much of this gent either, more than his students or imaginary followers left behind. His main interest was around the origins of the universe.

Now, for your info, let me just tell you we are speaking here around 610-546 BC, long bloody time ago. What we know was that REASON was used to explain and base things rather than goods or deities

I have hard time imagining how these guys were doing to track the stars and this one was concern about the origins of everything. Strong boy!

To what purpose should i trouble myself in searching out the secrets of the stars having death or slavery continually before my eyes?

Have we changed anything since then? A lot. In both ways, for good and bad.

Slavery is still practicing, from Bangladesh to Africa, things still sucks.

Since the only thing i can do against slavery, is being aware from where i get my goods, then support some special forces who will enter these countries and kill the bad guys. And i will anyway, keep looking up to search the secrets of the stars…But that’s me, not Anaximander

The art of living happily is to live in present.


The only existing thing is the NOW

Is anybody out there arguing this one? If you do, pls be sure to live a note because i refuse to use my time for this. I have that lesson long ago, and i strongly recommend you take that one fast.

It would be so good to apply this just to simple family matters…

Do you know what i mean? Never been in those family gatherings where some start with ‘ in 1975 i gave you a deodorant, and you never returned that to me’ and from here the hell unleashes. For the next 3 hours people will insult in different ways one another. Some are very practical with the classical piece of shit you mother fucjer, others wil choose the more vil, hurting way of touching the weakest point of the people. The menu is very wide, but the objective is the same. We are not living NOW, we are , yet again, bringing the past which is dead and gone, alive like if it was yesterday…

Choose rather to be strong of soul than strong of body

Another classic. The truth is that we see more gyms than thinking centers…or more products to develop the body , than to develop the soul.

Try to follow, Pythagoras said this on 500 BC around. This is so valid today as it was then…Hence, the only thing that from the past we need is the wisdom that some guys had given us. But i know, far better and more cool to spend time on the play store than to think around this things. After all, only few and ugly guys they know that the only way to bed at the end is the extensive use of the brain


Train it to get laid


Be silent or say something better than silence.

Saying nothing says a lot. Talking when having no idea of the subject is dangerous. Opening the mouth when mood is down or aggressive is not a good idea either. Hence the proverb silence is gold

Jumping a bit i can mention another good friend,

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato

Having a BOREGASM??

Hey amigo, how things are today?

What has to do being BORED with the noun or verb BORED? never think about it? How is it that drilling the wall, digging the earth (maybe for a truth?) has anything to do with being bored to death?, or simply idle ….waiting for a miracle.

How is your belief system? Does it God means anything to you?.

Let’s start from the title


Defined by the Urban Dictionary as

noun, verb: the result of or act of reaching the apex or climax of boredom; Filling one’s capacity for boredom to the extreme boundary .
EG :Dude, this class is so boring that I just boregasmed
Oh yeah? Well I had three classes today…triple boregasm.
Boredom might be defined as the reason of the existence of social media, facebook is like the fridge, says a friend of mine, which he rather to remain anonymous, if you are bored you keep opening it.
In my case, besides of striving to control my most inner self destructive impulses on opening the fridge, i avoid like a pest reaching facebook.Really.
Think again. It is the time ? It is the action? or it is your life that is boring?
Of course, the last one has a little tiny bit of accountability…meaning , you amigo is responsible…the cure? Some say curiosity is.
Your cal or whos?
Your call or whose?
I prefer an interesting vice that a virtue that bores.
Many people would agreed upon that boredom improves their drawing skill. Take a pen, and try it out. In my case, i stick to Tolstoy
BOREDOM: The desire for desires.
Accountability, desire for desires, drilling the wall …what all this has in common? Let me help you out…it might be the opposite of meditation.
Thinking ahead, acknowledging that its you , and only you might save you some pain.
Nobody will make the thinking for you. Or maybe, in that case be prepared to pay good time, and never really have your own answer.
The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see, says Alexandra Trenfor meanwhile taking a sip of her gelato…I couldn’t agree more with her.
But those are hard to find, think, who want to hear the crap of other people considering that everybody you meet is fighting a hard battle, comments Plato while swallowing his mango sorbet. Notice, everybody is getting some sweets…Munchies maybe?
And he does that in a hurry. He come around with other fellas from the school of Athens who were smoking a joint with Alexander the great.
This is the type of guys we need today as politicians, leaders, instead of the political correctness crap
Learning accountability with the masters

Learning accountability with the masters

When looking at the EU today, and the politicians that leads it, it’s not strange that nobody wants to take accountability. Just look at the borders, look at the internal debt, look at the foreign relations, look how we are all going to the drain faster that you can say Indiana Jones. I really don’t blame you or myself for having trouble taking some.

Lets look my best friend the dictionary

The obligation imposed by law or lawful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping accurate record of property, documents, or funds. The person having this obligation may or may not have actual possession of the property, documents, or funds. Accountability is concerned primarily with records, while responsibility is concerned primarily with custody, care, and safekeeping. See also responsibility.

RESPONSUM, from Latin, the ability to RESPOND.  The current ability of the EU to protect our borders its called what?? Well done?? Come si come sa?? not that good?? Well, i would call it NUL, ZERO, totally irresponsible, and these people will pay good time accountability. Im wondering what Kierkegaard , Socrates, Hypatia would say about this. Well, the girl its clear what she would have say, just read how she was assassinated. And for what i see, this is our own way.

Mission Statement / Life Codex & gelato balance. Chapter Beta

Life can be rough at sea. It is also beautiful. Nights under the caribbean sky’s when you shut down the lights on board are a voluptuous spectacular show to the naked eye. It is so intense that your heart flickers like the endless falling stars…Yes, if it is any way to contact yourself, it can be done in the ocean

Storms…had many of those. In this boat, a 54 metres length and with a crew of 12 to lead, control is at the essence of our survival…when things gets nasty, my decisions are always based in order to preserve the life of passengers. Interesting I say, preserve the life, health of the crew it’s the first thing first. I couldn’t take that idea forward, ….Can my body be a ship? And my brain the capitan? It is actually everything i do then is the right and secure thing for ‘my boat and crew’? If i dont take right care of my body…where else i will then live?

This is how my conversation with my fellow student Collin started at Carpigiani Gelato University..

Silence. In the middle of no where between the 2 seas, the sound of nothing is actually fulfilling. It is possible to  even listen to yourself…but NOT the one that put you down, the other one, the oneself that knows what is right and wrong, the one that makes the correct thing just becuase is right, the one that knows that to help others there is no need to have a why, the one that if listen carefully will always said the truth…

We need silence to be able to touch souls ― Mother Teresa

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth. Gandhi

Do you believe what he says???. Could it be possible that silence makes things clearer??

In seeking Wisdom, the first stage is silence, the second listening, the third remembrance, the fourth practicing, the fifth teaching.” Solomon Ibn Gabirol

From all sides we have some great, stupid concepts that most of the time is nothing than poetry. Or not.

Silence is golden unless you have a toddler in that case silence is very, very suspicious. Rhodi

This i had it up because i see myself in this situation…when kids are away and i can rescue some time to think on what my life is, what i want it to be,and what im doing to make that simple thing happens….Is that simple?? No, it its never is. Its full of traps, seismic moves in your core which hurt your ass out of you. And the great satisfaction of knowing that BANG, you fucking get it now!!! Yes, i see, because i had observed, therefore i can change. Take the risk? I do.

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between. Mozart

Silence?? no, i don’t think you find anything in silence, either in solitude, but i had decided today not to listen to my intelligence and let my soul be my pilot. When i see so many cool , smart, wise people talking about it, maybe they are right, so lets try…if anything fails, think again, i will not be worse than now, correct?? So doing anything will be better than not to do nothing…So fuck my bright intelligence, and try…

In such open oceans there is also anxiety…you presence the edge of your life and the everything you know. You are simply an insignificant thing on earth. Or you are the whole universe reflected in a drop of the ocean. There is  always many ways to look at it. That is sweet dont you think? 

Mastering the art of sailing requires understanding of many different instruments, which basically guides us to safe port…goes on Collin

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.

Seneca couldn’t avoid to step in, I say to Collin

He is actually right your friend Seneca Daniel, you need to have a clear road map of your routing and always be open to sudden changes and alternatives routes.

Then he show me a picture of his work environment

Instruments for guidance
Instruments for guidance

Upon the question of What is this all about?Here he comes…

VHF radio, to call other ship in the area and to speak with the ports ashore
– Wind instruments telling you what direction and speed the wind is coming from
– Chart plotter giving you an electronic chart of the area, the position of the ship and possibly other ships in the area
– The position of the ship’s rudder/ rudder indicator
– There are engine instruments telling you the speed of the vessel, the RPM and the temperature of the engine.

Below you can see all the controls on my vessel which control all the sails via electronic/Electric winches

There are about 20 controls

– We also have radars that help see other vessels at night
– Autopilot
– Alarm system

At seas
















Impressive. An enormous amount of data he needs to process in order to sail that boat…

I’m wondering if in order to stir life we need such instruments to guides us through rough seas??  Do we possess such gear?

He goes on, and said On top, you have to be able to observe the ski and navigate without instruments…

Star navigation
Star navigation. You get to safe port looking stars and avoiding of course the titanic effect…Stop looking at the stars, and check for other things across your way.












Uf…imagine somebody comes and strip us off technology…What would left of us? Maybe it is exactly what we need to become aware of what we are…The open seas, the silence, the storms, the stars, all of them, as opposites of the noise, the good weather and the daylight…we can’t have one without the other, It is hard to find yourself liking a storm, even though you know that after the rainbow will come out. No, nobody wants the storm. Small letters amigo, pay attention…if you like the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. Simple. And maybe, do as my friend the tree, ACCEPT whatever comes around, and deal with  it the best possible way without wishing it was different…

My very good friend in an easy talk night
My very good friend in an easy talk late afternoon. I love my TREE TIPS for life









A good balanced gelato  key it’s always on the sugar and are details. Sugar is used in many of its forms , sucrose, dextrose, trehalose, in order to add to the final product the right consistence, structure, thickness, and anti freezing power…every one of this natural ‘sugars’ gives some particular asset to this delight…gelato it’s an illusion, an erroneous perception of reality … you never wonder how it can be something which basically is either water or cream, which served below zero is creamy and soft?? Maybe life itself needs as well to be ‘sweetened’ in different ways? We know how to work, how to study, how to train, how to eat, but we find it incredibly difficult to be fulfilled. Do we use all the natural instruments we have available to be at ease and happy as we could be?


Same Same, but diferent
Same Same, but different. Even the sugars knows that there is ALWAYS 2 sides of the story

Let me insist on the OBSERVE word again….erroneous perception of reality.. If what i see is MY ERRONEOUS PERCEPTION my THINKING therefore will also BE FUCKED UP, or MISTAKEN if you rather the soft version.. Another traumatized friend of mine, who had a mother which did not read to him at nights, neither told him enough how precious he was for her, Sigmund Freud,  in a walk across the west coast of Denmark, comments on the go wisely

Knowledge is the intellectual manipulation of carefully verified observations.

I agree with him, really. Its not possible to acquire KNOWLEDGE based on wrong facts….

Observation will also help you to change your mind..think, you will be able to understand your surroundings first, then yourself…and when you see the amount of crap you do, you will be lucky and smart enough to choose the way you will stir things…that simple again!

I believe Will Rogers stated this in a great way..

People’s minds are changed through observation and not through argument.

Nobody will convince you of anything unless you do it yourself.


Carefull observation into the tree changes had changed me
Carefull observation into the tree changes had changed me

Collin speaks about how to read and observe, Stefano about balancing and uses of different compounds to balance a formula, for gelato, or for life..i can tell you , that the small letters are THE SAME. It’s not possible to be fulfilled if you CAN’T read the data or don’t know how to deal with it.

And how is this related to a life codex?? It is related on the way that a set of rules are needed in order to use your time (the one you live, not the other one) better. Imagine you could be living every day of your life. Would you like that? because i do, so i take that statement from Mr jonathan Swift, and take the world tours with Gullivers...

May you live all the days of your life.

Seating in a bar, 2 guys argue and one says to the other, man, why you insist in telling me that we live only once when is wrong? What?? the friend reply, you die only once, you live everyday …not the way around. OBSERVATION…

Capitan first rule is to preserve the health of those on board,…in order to have a happy life i have decided that any act i do, must preserve my health, and everybody else concerned, included the earth.

I remember to search all reasons for why i was desperate to lose weight…i was 92 kgs, in the BMI index i was considered obese…in my perception was just some kgs on top….but in the health record numbers that was the gateway for

Coronary Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure


Type 2 Diabetes

Abnormal Blood Fats

Metabolic Syndrome



Sleep Apnea

Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome

Reproductive Problems


Waw i say!! and I thought I was only some extra kgs….coming from the pizzas, asados, gelatos, lack of physical activity, hydration, meaningless job, you know, the classic things that we are surrounded today….the important always first, the essential never!

All this anyway is like telling  smokers than the cigarettes are not good for his health. They know it , we know it, everybody does know that. Did you note i had hyper linked the smokers word ….PLEASE, do not live the site without visiting that link…the world is also made by actions more retarded that whatever you can imagine.

So what was in fact was the thing that made me

  • Quit smoking
  • Lose weight
  • Understand the need of a lifestyle change
  • Rebrand myself

For those who DON’T smoke, better said those that don’t suffer any addiction, its very hard to understand the infinite pleasure of the ingestion of nicotine.

Nothing beats, really, in the eyes of a smoker, NOTHING beats the first smoke with your caffeine…there is no words for it, like the sick relation on the song of Sinéad O’Connor ….Have a look into the lyrics meanwhile you listen to this great song…

Is the same type of relation, one that you FEEL that when you are strip off that, or  this, you will be unhappy, with bad temper, deprest, shaky, alone and for the smokers, will be far more difficult to take a dump.

And who want to feel all that? No body, so smoke on, eat on and keep it up becuase if you are under 40 your body will take it, after that, amigo, it gets more tricky…like life itself.

Today in the google times, started to look up some images of smoking diseases, then, human obesity since with me things work on the visual area…do you know your brain gets the things? I call it ‘ the coin flipped’ inside my brain…you better observe how this little process work with you, since Know thyself its a key  on the way of change…, and we can change only the things we see, ergo,  stop looking into the mirror and start looking in exactly when you feel uncomfortable….Why? Because when you feel crappy its the best time to get the questions and answers…

Would you offer your son a cigarette? And tell him, please smoke with me, let’s enjoy this moment like if was the last one ( they maybe right) …because you know you have to die on something, so a nice smoke could be an option.

Or not? You cross the street, bad luck a car hit you and adios amigo…your family will cry for a month or 2, then they will need to move on…you get a nice place in the local cemetery, and a gravestone saying how good you were ( Have you notice dead people are always good ???). Sorry, i have bad news for you. Imagine the same conversation with the same son we had before…this one from the hospital….and here if you are a smoker or have weight problems is the same, both ends are a a perfect cocktail for a stroke….

Smoking and obesity is good for you
Smoking and obesity is good for you


So you just had one, it didn’t kill you like the car, it left you , let’s say, paralyzed in half of your body, diminish your mobility, and in many cases, you will end up with your mouth losing the little , thin, continuous dripping of saliva from your face, like this

Nice to see you dripping along my friend
Nice to see you dripping along my friend

So you are in your new chair, dripping as per the image, and it takes you 15 minute to make yourself understand when you say a sentence…if your stroke was on the left side, so you are not even able to write when you see that people understands more the speech of the finance minister than when you try talking. Sweet eh? It’s like being a baby again!!! Your wife become your mother, changes your diapers, make you some nice mashed food, since you are unable to chew properly either…and after your coffee (by now you quit smoking for sure) your wife also clean the same dump from your ass. Would you now consider telling your son to take a smoke? Or tell me pls, if you would have known that that specific cigarette or muffin would be triggering a stroke, would you have taken it?

Would you???????

Tips from a TREE

Think,it’s not illegal yet.

Preserve your health because it’s the only thing you have, and those who loves you as well. They rather to have a healthy dad / mom/ brother / sister than a sick one. Or just say to your son how good smoking is….

Good-bye, may you fare well my dear friends

Its me, i SUCK at it. I was never good for saying it, i had never the nerves, i avoid it like a pest. And it really doesn’t matter if it is sayonara, arrivederci, so long, lehitraot, 再见 Zàijiàn, viszlát, au revoir, tchau (google translate says that for Brazil, im not sure Sergio…), adeu…Impressive.

I dont know you guys, but me, to have the opportunity to travel, as a dad of 2 small girls and a very pregnant wife, being my selve 47 years old, it’s not something that common. Its rather a very seldom thing, which i will always be grateful.

I will never regret this adventure, it will always stay close to me. That is what i like so much about this type of experiences, it open your mind, it make you see the same things with different eyes. Same experience, same world, different conclusion. Everybody knows that what is great food in Singapore, like we learn today about the durian, i would probably say How any body can eat this piece of shitty crap smelling like the politics in Argentina???  And just in case, let me tell you that my idea about the fragrance of my inborn country leadership, in the best cases is like the cheese my little girl was producing after consuming lactose…., remember Louis the Cheesemaster question about the milk? In the worst case, would it be the fragrance of a nice diaper full of damp…and here, in order to be fair to my country representatives, its is not just a little baby shit, no, im telling you about a superb piece of my girl Mafalda, she is 2 years old and eat exactly like you and me, hence, the stench, the odor level, speaking on an hedonic tone assessment, makes the fucking shit smell like bloody hell!

But my only friend from Singapore ( I have no idea how to spell your name mate, hope you forgive me!!) would say that durian is heaven on earth….Same thing, different view. And here, its when magic happens, here it gives us the capacity to understand that we see things are as we are. It is Durian a pleasure? or a torture??

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

For some farewell parties are great. Not for me. Its hard, make me tense, sad, and quiet. Do you think you guys will be enjoying my presence in that state?. No, definitely not, and i would not enjoy it either. Same situation again.

Has been superb to meet you people, to listen to your stories, your past, your dreams, the plans ahead….i wish i could see you in a year time, and all of us, having faced all our fears and doing what we must in order to make the soul prevail. This is my wish for you people. I wish all of you the courage to take planned action and live some space for the providence to help in our endeavors. You know me, i believe in God, but i spell it Nature, so im not afraid to ask for help and guidance while my long walks meanwhile i have total understanding that the best help comes from within, and here and there, i hope my very best friend the Tree, representing mother nature and universal forces, would tilt ideas, people, things over me to seize the right opportunity, the time is ours, or as the greek says, it’s Kairos time!. 

My very best friend
My very best friend

A very good friend of mine, Seneca, when in distress comes to me and tells me all of his troubles, i simply give him the best i can give to anybody, my time to listen, I asked him, Lucius, what is conflicting your heart??

-Then he replied, Daniel i’m not feeling very well understood, i feel like im in a career change, so i was thinking on opening a gelato shop in Dodona– Good i say! Tell me pls, it has a good location?

Indeed! -Seneca replied. Lots of locals , tourist and worshippers. With the nasty heat here around, gelato is a good business, so he show the picture of the spot

Seneca Gelato Shop
Seneca Gelato Shop location

When i saw the place, i told him, looks good! i believe that place can be a good starting point…Tell me Lucius, i went on, what else you need in order to be a gelatiere??

Education -he replied- I know  there is some romans that are good teaching the art of Gelato, i’m planning to take a course with Carpigianum scholars—

Great i went on, so you are taking the necessary steps to be prepared , meaning you are acquiring the intellectual resources you need to succeed in your new business, i told him. Prepare yourself and expect providence to be in your side, didnt you hear i say, that fortune favour the brave?

His face was not that good, and i asked him what are you not happy about? You have the location, you are taking the steps to know and master the art of gelato making…, on top of that, you just need a pinch of luck and all would be resolved! And that’s it, happy ending!. Like Christian remarks on ‘Add always salt to the recipe guys, just a pinch, always!Dont forget! That’s all what you need, a pinch of this and pinch of that.

He somehow smiled, and turn his eyes up, take a moment, looked straight to me and told me,

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Indeed!!! Man, i say, you are fucking brilliant!!! That is exactly what i meant!!!

What if i fail?? he replied to me? Failure is refusing to get up i say, you have the balls amigo Seneca…and again, he thinks for a bit, and tell me

Errare humanum Est

‘to err is human–waw man!! Bloody fucking good!! Pls keep talking!!!

Sed perseverare diabolicum

But to persist (in the mistake) is diabolical. I flipped. That was too much for me Look how intelligent this guy was, you can make mistakes, sure, but to make them again, make you a diabolical entity, in my words, an imbecile.

I asked him, please Lucius, can you say that again??So he come and make it complete for me, because i needed the time to in the classes, i can’t write and listen to Christian or Stefano, all at the same time.

“Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum: ‘to err is human, but to persist (in the mistake) is diabolical.”

So finally he says to me, Daniel, many thanks for your time, it was great to have your wisdom to enlighten me in such way..Lucius, dear amigo, i did nothing, it was you finding everything, i was only the mirror of your questions.

Maybe life is about that, its about knowing that all wisdom comes from within, and we just need a mirror to look into and start thinking….

I love all of you guys, and thanks you for listening, you were all this time the mirror i needed to find the answers….


Alway Seek knowledge




Carpigiani Gelato university graduation
Carpigiani Gelato university graduation


Mission Statement / Life Codex & gelato balance. Chapter alpha

Hello there, how are you today? Meanwhile you think over the answer, which i remind you there is no RIGHT or WRONG, GOOD or BAD, there is ONLY IS. Can you simply imagine how easy would life be just accepting that path? And since im picky with words lately (last 3 years) be sure before you proceed reading, to have at hand a dictionary.

I use 3 of them

  1. Great companion. I use it non stop, so i can spot the slight details on the , as i called it , The contract signed with life. I don’t know your way around with it, but i hate the small letters. The thing is, LIFE as we know it, it’s full of this fucking little shit nuances that may look the same, WRONG, they are not, so i have learn to use the dictionary all the time, because life secrets hides exactly there, in the small , tiny flaming words. In this case, flaming it’s a synonym for fucking, but a little different,  more edible maybe for cultivated individuals, but since this is not a lecture on linguistics, take the damn dictionary to find the differences and lets move on!
  2. Yet another dictionary, but this one in spanish. Here you can find the difference between slaughter or annihilation, 2 nice things spaniards brought with them during the emptying of latin America. I mean, come fucking on! 12 October 1492 this nice  people call it the America discover!! Really, we say in spanish,  tienen la cara lavada con mierda,  which means they had clean their faces with shit and think on their selves that they are fresh as a nice lavender flower. Spain has never apologized for the atrocities and crimes committed, neither pay back all the gold they had stolen. But today i’m not developing a history lesson, so lets stick to the dictionary, which is called Diccionario de la lengua española
  3. Etymological dictionary, in order to understand the origin of the words. Its impressive what is possible to learn with one of these at hand. It will guide through historical times to the moment the words was invented!! Awesome thing to imagine some Greeks arguing in front of the oracle of Delphi about some words. Imagine, its like when we try to find the words…sometimes its very hard, but their were FORMULATING them!!!! Incredible these guys were once one of the most schooled people in the world, look at them today, the decadence of the EU, sad, very sad. A bit like Argentina, devastated by corruption, brutality, lack of empathy and zero respect.  I had find one of these dictionaries in spanish only. Used please by your own risk, you might like it a lot this endeavor of understanding words, hence your self talk and finally your life acts will have another twist. I have a lot of smart friends, some say that you become like the 5 people you are around, hence, i choose them carefully. One of them, Carlitos Jung, which like me, loves to walk in the forest and around water, once, meanwhile sharing a mate (look the number 3) he said to me, ‘Daniel, remember that you are what you do, not what you say you will do’. It really strike me, let me speechless because i could understand the nonsense of impossibility of the future defining who im….. And if that was not enough, Alfred Adler, another good fella, take a puff of his joint and adds, ‘Well say Carlitos, just let me put another pinch of chilly on it, and strike with, ‘ Intentions are to be seen in the results, the rest is bulshit’. I think a bit and i realize i could easily take a puff myself, but he was very egoist and killed it alone.  I understood him, if you see the people he deals with constantly, you gladly will feel for him,  experience humanity and let him do his thing.

Now, we can really start up with this post. I hate the wording mission statement. I’m not a bloody company selling any kind of products you don’t need. Face it, if you really look all the things you have…how many of those you NEED? Or WANT? Fine line, like life itself…

Anyhow, it is say by many smart people, including my dear Anima (have the etymological spanish version here, if you can read it i strongly recommend it!) that we humans must have a codex to guide and establish references for the way we behave with ourselves, others and the world. This gives you peace! LOTS of it. I dont know if you are aware how much inner peace is valuable to personal development as individuals, but if you have no idea, trust me, invest some time on this.

If after 44 years of trying the same bloody way and i couldn’t find any peace, was time for me to at least TRY. Didn’t have anything to lose, but i knew i needed to go all the way in order to be fair to the idea of  creating this CODEX, which at the very beginning looked to me poor stupidity and non sense. Then i realize, if you so many people , smart ones, with high credibility on my book of trust, insists on this retarded idea, i really needed to give it a shot.

The Anima (another definition here) in question suggested rope, but that word didn’t make any sense to me. I had to make it SEXY to myself, after all, if i don’t get horny with me, how could i possibly love what i do, and love others?? So i say to myself, next word pls, then i tried columns, were all my ‘ life foundations’ would be sustain. Gives me the vision of a firm structure were to base all my decisions…nice, but sexy??  Maybe for an Animus, (the man side of a woman) and here comes my primitive inner beast, columns might be associated with a nice, large, strong velvety dick! And a dick, unless it’s mine being used with different purposes, compared to a column, would make myself think that size matters…. I used to think so, today i get high in valuable conversations, so columns is to me today, too primitive. Codex sounds cool, and it has a superb antique background and a deeper meaning that the association between columns and my prick.

Once, in my long lasting walks through the woods (one day i will also tell how i started walking, it really deserves a complete story), standing in front of my very best friend, the Tree or like Forrest Gump used to say about Jenny, ‘My only friend’ , he says to me, if i would grant you any wishes, what it would be??

I look at the tree, my friend, and say. This would be difficult, i have only one shot and if all what i ask would be granted, i need to be very careful. Imagine you and  Aladdin with his little thing, asking you the same….What would you do?

And it come to me, in this was, my opportunity to start my CODEX, the bases on which i will create my path, guiding law, to forge a destiny of my own . It is me, and only me who has such responsibility. No body else.

I stand in front of the foundations and the meaning of my whole existence. Easy job eh??

tree kissing


gelato control
The sugar is KING. Remember the fat coefficient. Go left and divide , go right and multiply. A bloody physics clas….

The wishes was a challenge, and a mission. I i needed to find the answers. I give my friend some hugs and kisses, and left him to find my answers… the bloody gelato, either you control the sugars and fats on it or they will control you!

I will be back:)